1 Hour Session

1 Hour Session

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  • Basic Market Mechanics

    • Why does price move?
    • Sweeping of the order book

    Introduction to Smart Money Concepts

    • SMC Theory
    • What is liquidity
    • Liquidity Sweeps
    • Break of structure
    • Change of Character
    • Supply and Demand (Order Blocks)
    • Fair Value Gap

    How to find the Daily Bias

    • What is Dailys Bias
    • How do I use SMC with daily bias to find high probable trades
  • The 3 Golden Trading Strategies I use. (Step-By-Step instructions)

    Risk Management

    • How to Manage your risk
    • Risk to Reward

    Discipline and Trading Psychology

    • What stops traders from being consistent?
    • Trading in the zone
    • How to achieve trading in the zone
    • How to trade without emotions
    • Road to Profitability
    • Trading Rules

    Prop firms

    • How they work
    • How I turned $32 into $20,000 in my first 2 months of being profitable
    • Recommendation